Our Mission

Our mission at mySATadvisor is to be the best practice and analytics platform. We are committed to empower and inspire students to achieve their target SAT score. We design and build products that fit effortlessly into student's test preparation so they can attend their dream college.

Who We Are

We're a passionate team of educators and technologists dedicated to simplify and organize the SAT preparation that help students to attend their dream college. While test prep can be serious business, we feel it doesn't have to be. We believe students are more likely to reach their target score if they are encouraged to prepare smartly and give tools to practice, analyze and improve.

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As an occupied high school Junior, preparing for the SAT is another task on my to-do list. There’s a method to every madness. However, MySATAdvisor takes the madness right out! My favorite tool has to be retaking the tests with only missed/guessed questions. This tool has led me to improve a lot more than simply retaking the test in its entirety.

Surabhi Khanal, HS junior

The site really considered everything necessary to help students improve their SAT score

Ma Kim, Student of TJHSST, 10th Grade

"MySATAdvisor is an effective and genuine advisor that will certainly lead you to your score of success! No exceptions!”

Ms. Patricia Zylka, AP/IB Teacher (Retired), Fairfax County

"Nice platform to practice all practice SATs at one place. Saves a lot of time."

-Ram Mada, High School Math Teacher, Fairfax County

mySATadvisor allows us to focus on our speed, accuracy and weak areas instead of being tangled into unorganized preparation. I am using this software to tutor my students.

- Bharat Jaladi, SAT score 2400, Senior at West Windsor-Plainsboro South.